Vannessa McCamley

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Vannessa McCamley

Principal Consultant, Coach, Facilitator & Keynote Speaker

PRESENTATION TOPIC: Surviving in the Digital Age of Distraction

CONFERENCE TRACK: Wellness & Professional Development

Vannessa McCamley, keynote speaker and facilitator, has earned a reputation for assisting organisations, teams and individuals to achieve impressive results through behavioural change to increase performance, productivity and revenue. Leveraging the latest in Neuroscience for brain-based, evidence rich strategies for improving leadership of self and others.

Vannessa’s passion is human conservation in an era where we need to overcome digital burnout with brain friendly strategies that helps us to deal with sustainable change. She is committed to helping people become the best version of themselves.

With 20 years corporate experience working extensively with individuals at all levels. Known by clients for being accountable for delivering results. Knowledge of being a high performer individually and achieving results through teams, helps to define the programs design, intelligence & outcomes.

Prior to running own consulting business, Vannessa was the head of Sales Productivity and Enablement for global IT Security Organisation Trend Micro. Contributed to over 30% increase in sales revenue.

Besides being a successful business woman, Vannessa is a supportive mother, wife, daughter & friend, known as the ‘Zumba dancing queen’. Enjoys Salsa music, outdoor activities and travelling to diverse cultures and countries.

Session Overview

Living and working in the digital age can pose many challenges; information overload, constant distractions, doing more with less, loss of focus and fatigue. Fried on an overwhelming diet of immediacy that is eating away at critical thinking, at innovation, at decision making capabilities, at mental and physical health.

Gain the latest Neuroscience research insights on how to harness the biggest asset you own, your brain…to harness creativity, innovation and deep thinking.

As we head into a future where machines (Artificial Intelligence) will overtake the doing, there has never been a greater premium on creativity, emotional intelligence and deep thinking. The art of imagination is back, and now is the time to learn how to harness the power of neuroscience, to create more ways, and better ways to gain perspective and rewire our brains (Neuroplasticity) to ensure we give the machines plenty of good direction in the future.

Three key takeaways from Vannessa’s presentation

  • Learn how distraction and multi-tasking are deadly to productivity.
  • Understand the key components ‘Attentional Intelligence” and how to protect your deep thinking.
  • Apply practical tools to intentionally reduce distractions and improve focus.

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