Trevor Gardiner

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Trevor Gardiner

CEO, Founder and Chief Software Architect, Centium Software

PRESENTATION TOPIC: Protecting your Business – Cyber Security and Reputational Risk 


Trevor is the CEO, Founder and Chief Software Architect at Centium Software, a software development and support services company for the global meetings and accommodation industries. 

He has been involved with the global meetings industry since 1987 and has designed a product line of event management software that led to his latest initiative, EventsAIR. Trevor is passionate about quality software design and has been chief software architect of mission critical software solutions for major world events where high-level security is paramount. Recent events Trevor has been involved with  include: Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, the Pope’s visit to Ireland and APEC 2018.

Session Overview

As risks to modern events increase, data protection regulations and penalties are ramping up on a global scale and impacting marketing and communications previously relied upon by event managers to scale up attendance at events.

Combined with increased security requiring access control at events along with web hacking, credit card fraud and identification theft, event managers are constantly faced with new challenges. Combining Trevor’s insight in recent major events and Aaron’s knowledge of security technology, this session will discuss how meeting planners can help prevent these occurrences, maintain compliance to regulations and design security into the foundation of their events.

Key takeaways from Trevor and Aaron’s presentation:

  • How to protect your event against Cyber Security
  • How to increase Physical Security at your event
  • Your obligations in PCI Compliance, Data Privacy and GDPR

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