Terry Reynolds

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Terry Reynolds

Learning and Development Specialist, Be Challenged

PRESENTATION TOPIC: Leadership Competencies Workshop


CONFERENCE TRACK:  Event Business 

Terry Reynolds is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and co-author of the top selling strategy book “Drivers” a story of transformational change.

Terry kick started his career in Senior Human Resources roles in various financial services organisations in Australia, before quickly moving up to the international realm leading rogenSi businesses in London (Managing Partner EMEA), Singapore (Managing Partner Asia) and Dubai (Managing Partner Middle East) before moving back to Sydney (Managing Partner APAC) in 2013.

Having lived and worked across many parts of the world, Terry’s experience lies in advising clients in financial services, Telco’s, energy and resources, the public sector, and consumer business all around the world.

Currently he is engaged to lead a number of large-scale cultural change and Executive Development programs across Europe and Australia as well as managing an extensive portfolio of executive level clients that he coaches one-on-one

With postgraduate qualifications in Business Management, and previous roles in Senior HR and Learning, Terry is a Master facilitator and Zenger Folkman accredited Extraordinary Leader coach. He is also an accredited Mental Toughness coach, who uses a variety of NLP and accelerated learning techniques to facilitate his sessions to ensure a high energy environment. Enjoying conversational coaching, his delivery focuses on outcomes and he is passionate about people taking action.

Session Overview

Delegates attending EVOLVE 2019 will need to pre-register for a workshop on leadership facilitated by Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, Terry Reynolds.

The Discovering Your Extraordinary Leadership workshop presents a proven framework for helping individuals deliver magical results for their business, team and personal performance.

Three key takeaways from Terry’s presentation

  • Understanding the significance between “good” and “extraordinary” leaders.
  • Learning about the leadership competencies that differentiate extraordinary leaders from the rest.
  • Discover why enhancing existing leadership strengths is the most successful way to become an extraordinary leader.

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