Steve Sammartino

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Steve Sammartino

Australian Futurist, Author, and Technologist

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Steve Sammartino is Australia’s leading Futurist with unsurpassed credentials. He’s created technology world firsts, written extensively and has a rare ability to communicate it all on stage. His high-octane keynote will change how you see the world.

Steve knows it – because he has done it.


Entrepreneur & Technology Investor

Steve started coding at age 10 and had his first startup by age 12. He has since built and sold a number of businesses. As a futurist, he’s ahead of his time. He launched one of the first Sharing Economy Startups – in 2006. Respected global business media including Forbes, Fast Company and TechCrunch credited it as the start of the sharing economy movement giving birth to Uber and Airbnb. Steve later sold it to a publicly traded company in Australia.

Steve is a mentor for startup entrepreneurs and a technology investor. His ability to see the future is ratified by this fact: his portfolio has grown more than 100x the original investment.


Innovator & Hacker – The good kind! 

His tech projects gained global attention and renown.

  • He built the world’s first drivable car entirely out of Lego. It’s had more than 100 million views globally. (He had to fight off Jay Leno who was desperate to have it in his garage)
  • He put a toy space shuttle into actual earth orbit by hacking together a rig for under $2000
  • He’s on the technical advisory committee for the design of Australia’s new drone regulations
  • He is currently building the world’s most modern house – it will be 3D printed too! The subject of a new documentary film.


Marketing & Business Strategy Polymath

Many talk of viral marketing – but Steve has done it – his Youtube channel has over 10 million views. He’s had the leading business blog in Australia for more than 10 years and is a multiple winner of the best blog awarded by Smart Company. He writes about technology for Marketing Magazine and has the most read column of all contributors.


Global Corporate Experience at Executive Level 

Steve also invested 15 years in corporate. Working for Fortune 500 firms including: Kimberly Clark, Kraft Foods, Modelez, Proctor & Gamble, SAB Miller and WPP (the world’s biggest media agency). H worked largely in marketing & strategy roles with positions culminating at Director level – before le left to explore his passion for technology & entrepreneurship.



Steve taught undergraduate students at The University of Melbourne for 5 years, which is Australia’s highest ranked and most prestigious University. He was ranked the number 1 tutor. This gives him the unique ability to run effective workshops. With a background in economics Steve brings a hard, financial edge to his talks bringing it all back to business.


Writer / Researcher

He has 2 best selling books: The Great Fragmentation which was translated into multiple languages and his recent release The Lessons School Forgot – which has become the topic of his recent TEDx talk in Australia to rave reviews.
He has written white papers on the future prospects of Industries including: Software, Accounting & Finance and Public Infrastructure.


Media Commentator

Steve is the most respected media commentator on all things future related. He’s a regular on the ABC (Australia’s National Public media source) as well as commercial TV and radio stations. He’s the in-house futurist on the number 1 drive radio program in his city of 5 million people – 3AW.

Session Overview

An exploration into how and why emerging technologies which arriving quicker than expected and why we are entering a phase where future possibilities will border on fantasy. Understand which technologies will be transformative the next 1-5 years, how to build future proof strategies to embrace them. But most importantly how technology will commence a new era of regulation and why those who put the human element at the top of the technology stack will win the long game. 

Three key takeaways from Steve’s presentation

  • Change is arriving faster than we imagine
  • Attitude towards technology is the most important resource
  • Technology should augment and expand humanity

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