Rob Vass

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Rob Vass

Director and Co-Founder, Joi

PRESENTATION TOPIC: Putting Joi into Event Project Management


Rob Vass has been in the business events industry for over 25 years and is a passionate advocate for the value of live events as a communications medium. In his time in the industry he has set up and run a production business and a venue in the UK, been part of the growth of Staging Connections pre public listing, and managed an event agency with offices across Asia.

His latest venture into software is driven by his past experience and a belief that some of the pain of event delivery can be removed if event organisers are given the right tools.

Session Overview

Product Launch: Joi is an event project management tool like no other, that has the potential to change the way you work. We are pleased to be demonstrating the product exclusively to MEA members in the Evolve Tech Talks at 11.20 on Tuesday 2nd April. Be the first to experience Joi!

Come and see a demonstration of a brand new product; the first and only intuitive event project management tool that works on any event, big or small, of any complexity, single session to multi program, multi sites, multi days, that works on desktop and mobile. From event set up to on site delivery this tool will save you hours and improve the experience of project managing events. Well, that’s the plan. We are in beta at the moment so we would welcome your feedback.

Three key takeaways from Rob’s presentation

  • How to free yourself from the curse of excel updates and multiple sources of information
  • How to be able to deliver an event calendar to your organisation that is always up to date
  • How to increase your event satisfaction quota

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