Richard Foulkes

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Richard Foulkes

Live Marketing Business Facilitator, The Paradise Experiment & Co-Founder, The Thought-Cake Institute

PRESENTATION TOPIC: Commoditising Creativity 


CONFERENCE TRACK: Event Management


PRESENTATION TOPIC with Nigel Collins: Workshop: Creativity Hot Seat, facilitated with Nigel Collin.

Richard has more than 30 years’ experience in the exhibition, live events, and experiential Industry where he has led globally based teams on brand communication programs for Ford, Shell, Ericsson and other Blue-Chip corporations.

He worked at the world’s largest independent creative agency, The Imagination Group, with over 15 years as a Board Director responsible for special events and live communication activity.

He has extensive experience of project delivery across the United States, Europe Middle East and Asia.

He has a wide skill set including roles of Production Director, Client Services Director, Head of Events and Operations Director.

From 2011-2014 he sat on the Board of Governors of the International Special Event Society (ISES) (Now ILEA). He was President of the UK Chapter of ISES (Now ILEA) in 2010.

Richard has consulted with internationally based premium agencies including Brandbase (NL), VokDams (Ger) Total Event Resources (USA) Feats Inc. (USA)

Until 2016 Richard was Vice Chair of the UK Business Visitors and Events Partnership (BVEP) a unifying body which represents leading trade and professional organisations, government agencies and other significant influencers in the UK business visits, tourism and creative events sector.

He is a non-Executive Director/board advisor of UK based people-activation agency, Rapport Events.

Richard is co-founder of The Thought-Cake Institute whose aim is to help organisations and their people think more creatively and adaptively to meet the demands and ever-changing nature of today’s business world.

Richard also created The Paradise Experiment a hub and consultancy in Events including; strategic thinking, creative inspiration, and practical insights to improve application. Based on a farm in South-West England he continues to search for the perfect work-life balance, his own Paradise Experiment. He is getting there.

Session Overview

Futurists and demographers predict that one of the major workplace trends for business over the next 20 years in the need to think more creatively and to be more creative. This more than ever is important in the events industry.

Yet too often this key skill and fundamental component is given away wrapped up in mark-ups and management fees. This approach by definition makes creativity ripe for devaluing and commoditising and a race to the lowest price.

Creativity and thinking is a potential huge revenue generator so why is it so often undervalued?

How about if someone steals our ideas, or asks us to do something for free?

Richard will interact with the audience, question if you can commoditise creativity or not and then unpick the event process and suggest several ways to approach and charge for creative services and the risks and benefits therein.

This session could be really dull, but it won’t be. Richard doesn’t do dull.

Key takeaways from Richard’s presentation: 

  1. To reduce the parts of your event that can be easily commoditised.
  2. To consider new ways charging for the “thinking” elements of a project.  
  3. Get into the minds of your client to understand how they view creativity and are prepared to buy it.
  4. To understand better how different industries leverage strategy and thinking. 
  5. Why Carrots remain important.

Session Overview from Richard & Nigel’s presentation: 

Creativity, its not easy is it?

Creativity is so much more than design and table centres, it’s a state of mind, it’s a way of thinking and it’s at the heart of what we do and is essential to every business. However sometimes it can be a struggle, can’t it?

In a world where client expectations are constantly changing and the landscape of events is ever moving, the one skill you need is to be able to think more creatively and adaptively.

The session, like no other, will give you to the opportunity to ask those hard-hitting questions about creative thinking to two of the industry’s most creative minds, who will be joined by some of the most respected minds in the industry to fill the “empty chair” and add specific and relevant expert input to your questions.

This will help you…

Curate your thinking

Identify the best ideas

Instigate the delivery

You will learn how to think more creatively, solve a creative or business problem or just learn about how to better ignite viable ideas and engage your team.

This is not frivolous stuff, this is serious stuff (but we will have a bit of a laugh as well!)

Five key takeaways from Richard & Nigel’s presentation: 

  • How to differentiate Intangible ideas from Tangible ideas that solve problems and make you money.
  • Ignite creative thinking in Business, in Process, in Projects and in Leadership.
  • Share and learn from the Ideas, Issues and Experience of your peers.
  • Apply an overview of the Thought-Cake Creative thinking Methodology.
  • Learn Why Carrots are important.

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