Peter Bliss

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Peter Bliss

Director, Business is Bliss

PRESENTATION TOPIC: The 3 Brain Theory – are you managing your stress effectively?


CONFERENCE TRACK: Wellness and Personal Development

Peter Bliss is best described as a life change facilitator. Using a range of techniques based on ancient philosophies, combined with the latest in neuroplasticity and epigenetic science-based research and his own corporate experience, Peter helps both individuals and businesses gain focus, clarity and direction.

Peter’s personal history makes him uniquely positioned to understand the pressures of modern life.  As a senior sales and marketing executive in blue chip international companies and then General Manager and Managing Director of a company for six years, he described himself as a ‘typical Aussie bloke’. He worked hard and played hard – until the pressures of family, mortgage and work, as well as a couple of near-death experiences forced him to re-evaluate his way of life.

Today, Peter is an international keynote speaker and executive coach, a skilled Mindfulness, Meditation and Qigong teacher and an accredited Demartini facilitator.

For over 13 years, he has been delivering original, uplifting and dynamic workshops, presentations, meditation classes, business consulting services and one-on-one mentoring sessions designed to help others discover the “bliss” in their lives and their businesses and reach their potential.

Peter is dedicated to teaching people how to find true meaning, purpose and fulfillment in their lives by connecting and being their authentic self.

Session Overview

If you knew what is happening in your brain during stress and knew the power you have to influence it (the brain) and change it – would you? Come along to this very practical and easy to understand session that will change the way you look at stress and could ultimately change your life. Learn some simple science and some simple self-regulatory techniques that can change your nervous system.

Master the understanding of how changing your perceptions help you balance both your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and how you can quite easily keep both systems in balance, and best understand your evolving brain and the role it plays in stress management.

Three key takeaways from Peter’s presentation

  • A deep understanding of what’s happening in your brain during stress.
  • Three simple techniques to use daily to change your evolving brain.
  • How to manage stress both at work and at home – what you can change.

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