Nicole Crozier

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Nicole Crozier

Event Planning Manager, ICC Sydney

PRESENTATION TOPIC: Collaboration for Success – Global Learnings from SIBOS


With over 25 years’ experience under her belt, Nicole started her career in event management at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre where she was an Event Manager from 2005 until its closure. Passionate about event management, she thrives on seeing events through from conception to completion, and has been involved in the planning of large-scale international conferences, congresses, awards and charity dinners, concerts, seminars, product launches and exhibitions. She has impressively led and managed hundreds of events throughout her career, most notably the likes of Sibos, World Congress of Lung Cancer, Amway China, Hillsong Colour Conference and the Pacific International Maritime Exposition.

Nicole is currently the Event Planning Manager at ICC Sydney, where she has worked since its preopening in December 2016. Now heading the Event Planning Team at ICC Sydney, and overseeing 20 experienced event professionals.

Session Overview

Three key takeaways from Kristian, Nicole, Jimmy, Evan and Helen’s presentation

  • Trust and transparency: The foundation of building a singular team
  • Commitment to objectives: Work with partners and stakeholders early to help leave a lasting legacy in your host city
  • Be more client-centric: Meet client challenges head on by developing long-lasting, tailor-made solutions

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