Nicole Bates

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Nicole Bates

Director of Sales, Conversion Management

PRESENTATION TOPIC: Confident Sales – How to Approach Challenging Calls and Lost Business


CONFERENCE TRACK: Sales & Marketing

Nicole Bates is Australia’s leading expert in sales and management for the meetings and events industry. Driven by a passion to help make meeting and events businesses the best they can be, Nicole founded Conversion Management in 2016. Through Conversion, Nicole works with her clients to grab hold of their potential, to convert prospects into clients, and to help venues and suppliers transform into profitable powerhouses.

With an incomparable depth of experience and understanding of the events sales space, Nicole is able to intuitively and effortlessly understand the strengths and weaknesses of any event business’ systems and processes. Nicole capitalises on this ability when she immerses herself into her client’s organisations, where she sets to work by ‘living’ their processes so she can identify opportunities to make real improvements to their procedures, their businesses and their
bottom lines.

Nicole’s in-depth experience in analysing sales data partnered with her ongoing commitment to the art and science of ‘the sales process’ ensures her strategies are always well targeted, aggressive and achievable. Most importantly, she’s proven to help events businesses reap real results.

Having dedicated almost 20 years to strategically building business for Australia’s foremost hotels, catering companies and event organisations, Nicole’s track record is more than impressive. She holds a Bachelor of Business in hospitality management and is a highly
acclaimed and qualified sales trainer. Nicole runs regular sales training sessions across the country, attracting hundreds of event sales executives who are eager to learn about her approach to sales systems, sales training/coaching, sales management and direct sales.

Nicole’s dedication to the industry lead to her appointment as Vice President (Events) for the International Special Events Society. She is a highly sought after speaker and management consultant within the Australian events industry.

Session Overview

Nicole Bates will be covering the two most asked about sales challenges;

1 – How To Approach Challenging Sales Calls

2 – How To Turn Lost Business Into Confirmed Business

Nicole will deliver the sort after Conversion Management Sales Call Approach which forms the fundamentals of a successful outbound sales call. These being the most challenging calls for most. Sales in general is changing, so our sales approach needs to evolve to suit both the busy landscape and each client.

Nicole will then outline a complete guide to Lost Business Account Management, to ensure your brand remains at the forefront of your prospects minds. Highlighting key reports to use annually when prospecting for opportunities and how to establish a meaningful connection. Strategic account management steps are revealed to foster a relationship turning you into one of their key resources. Importantly, Nicole will deliver strategies on how to identify the obstacles as to why the business was lost and how to create solutions.

Three key takeaways for Nicole’s presentation

  • How to uncomplicate challenging sales calls by using the Conversion Management Sales Call Approach.
  • Your lost business account management guide.
  • Tools to identify why business was lost and how to find solutions.

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