Mike Zeederberg

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Mike Zeederberg


PRESENTATION TOPIC: Customer Journey Mapping


CONFERENCE TRACK: Sales & Marketing

Mike has spent 20 years of his life helping brands use digital to drive business outcomes – initially as the “digital guy” in a variety of agencies, and for the last 10 years, running his own digital marketing strategic consultancy called Zuni. He has worked around the world in the UK, Singapore and Australia, and on a wide range of brands varying from Nike and Apple, through to Macquarie Bank, Doors Plus, Michael Hill Jewellers and the Butterfly Foundation.

Mike’s focus is helping organisations to integrate digital activity to drive better business outcomes, and he has been using customer journeys as the cornerstone for developing effective digital strategies for clients since he founded Zuni. A number of these clients have an strong events focus, including associations like the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST), Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), and Association of Data Driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA), charity events like Mothers Day Classic, and Century Venues, who manage venues like the Enmore, the Comedy Clubs and others.

He runs ADMA’s Customer Journey Mapping Course, lectures in Masters degree courses at the University of Sydney and UNSW, and he and his team are currently working on digital strategies and customer journeys for Hyundai, Blundstones, Century Venues and Club Plus Super.  If you’re keen to work out how customer journeys can help you unlock your customer centric marketing strategy or the campaign for your next event, come along to the session and grab him during the break.

Session Overview

Customer journeys are the buzzword bingo jargon term of the moment, but what value to they provide to an organisation, and how can they be used to really improve business outcomes? This session will unpack why customer journeys have come of age, and how they can be used to put together a customer centric strategy, whilst still delivering channel –centric execution plans.  The session will cover common journeys in the events industry, and provide examples and practical tips about how to develop your own journeys.

Three key takeaways from Mike’s presentation

  • What are customer journeys, and why is everyone suddenly so excited about them?
  • The difference between a customer journey and a brand touchpoint map, and why it matters.
  • Making sure you chose the right journeys to map, and examples of different experience map models that can be applied around events and different customers – (ie. the sponsor, the speaker, the exhibitor, the attendee, etc).

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