Mike Williams

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Mike Williams

Senior Partner & Consultant, GainingEdge

1st PRESENTATION TOPIC: Unlocking Business Potential in Asia



2nd PRESENTATION TOPIC: Destination Marketing – Global Outlook


Mike is a destination and convention and visitor bureau specialist with 30 years’ experience in the tourism and business events industry. Since joining Gaining Edge (a global business events consultancy firm) as a senior partner in 2007 he has been a lead consultant on destination and convention bureau development for their global clientele including Australia, Africa, China, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Qatar, Rwanda, Serbia, South Africa,  South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom & USA. His areas of expertise include strategic planning, sales and marketing, destination and product development, bidding, CVB and industry training, association development and he also provides consultancy support to GainingEdge’s convention centre development business unit.

Key consultancy projects have included the establishment and capability strengthening for the Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau, Japan’s Global MICE Cities, Thailand’s regional MICE cities development and the provision of in market representation services for clients globally.

Mike was previously the Director of Sales and Marketing for Melbourne Convention Bureau, a senior manager for Tourism Australia as well as an ex-President and National Councillor for MEA.

Session Overview

Access to information and insights is the key to unlocking business potential in Asia. Our two industry speakers have spent a lot of time travelling and working throughout Asia over many years. They will provide timely insights and thought leadership to help you understand the opportunities and pitfalls if you are thinking of Asia as a new market for your business.  We will explore the question of whether the Australian industry is still sitting on the fence when it comes to doing business with Asia?

Three key takeaways from Mike’s presentation

  • Opportunities for Australia in Asia
  • A better understanding of what is happening in Asia that will impact on Australia
  • How to work the Asia market

Session Overview

This expert panel will delve into some hot topics to provide you with the latest news that will help Team Australia successfully attract and win international event business in the coming years.


How is Australia performing in a highly competitive international market for business events?

What is Australia’s brand value proposition and how does it stand up against the competition? 

Which competitors should we be watching closely?

What are we doing well?

What does the event business visitor want?

What affect is subvention having on the international stage? Or is Australia just playing catch up?

How are other countries approaching subvention?

How is the Bid Fund working one year on?

What are the trends?

Should Australia be working more closely with its competitors i.e. coopetition?

Other Concurrent Speakers