Lyndell Wills

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Lyndell Wills

Former Director, Will Organise

PRESENTATION TOPIC: It Could Never Happen to Me!


CONFERENCE TRACK: Wellness and Personal Development

Lyndell has been working in the meetings industry since 1988.  She began working in venues and then realised her passion was within the events industry.  She has undertaken project work with Australia’s leading special events company, the Australia Day Council and the Sydney Olympic 2000 Bid Company.

Lyndell worked for over 7 years with one of Australia’s largest PCO’s, before re-locating away from Sydney and subsequently setting up her own PCO business ‘Will Organise’ in early 1999.

In addition to the PCO business Lyndell has provided teaching and training for events and PCO’s including 12 months teaching meetings and events at Kenvale College in Sydney (in conjunction with University of NSW) and at TAFE in the Hunter.  She has also trained staff at the Newcastle Visitor Centre.  Since 1995 Will Organise also has worked with a number of medical associations offering Secretariat services in addition to the conference management.

Due to personal circumstances, Lyndell resigned as Director of Will Organise in July 2016 and set up another company; Cattle Dog Consultancy, still collaborating with Will Organise.  Her role now is more focused on offering secretariat services to associations and a few boutique events.

Session Overview

At the start of 2015 Lyndell received news that she never expected (or planned) to ever hear.  Life changed overnight and the challenges of running your own company, employing staff, delivering client service as per normal and being a mother were intensified when dealing with a new narrative.

This presentation will look at lessons learnt, what you should think about planning for your future both from a business and personal perspective.  It is essentially a story of a PCO, normally a delegate at the MEA Conference, who had to learn to adapt very quickly to changing circumstances and work out a plan for long term survival.

Three key takeaways from Lyndell’s presentation

  • Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.
  • A positive outlook makes the world of difference.
  • Priorities: it’s as simple as making a decision.

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