Ian Whitworth

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Ian Whitworth

Co-Founder, Scene Change 

PRESENTATION TOPIC: AV Demystified: How To Get The Impact You Want For Roughly The Budget You Have


Ian Whitworth is the co-founder of national AV company Scene Change. He is a former Vice Chair of MEA. He is a frequent media commentator on business and entrepreneurship, and writes on those topics at the Motivation For Sceptics website. He studied as a vet and was once an AV technician, but his staff won’t let him near the equipment now.

Session Overview

Audiences have ever-increasing expectations of production values. How do you deliver events that look the goods, keep all the stakeholders and presenters happy, and keep the budget manageable? Where is technology going in 2019? Our panel will take some of the mystery out of those quotes and proposals, and they will NOT bore you senseless with tech talk about projectors and speakers.

Three key takeaways for Ian, John, Toni and Michael’s presentation

  • What technology is essential vs nice to have in 2019
  • How to get better value out of your AV budget
  • How to make your shows stand out from the everyday event

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