Harris Meitanis

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Harris Meitanis

Founder & Managing Director of A.P.E Events, Founder & Managing Director of Apples & Pears Entertainment

PRESENTATION TOPIC: Why the world is adopting transparency and disruption and how the Event Ecosystem represents our turn


CONFERENCE TRACK: Event Management

With over 20 years of international experience in events and entertainment, in areas including as an artist, an agent, a manager and an event producer, there is no one better equipped to set the foundations for The Event Ecosystem. Harris is also a graduate of Laws (AUS/UK), the Founder & Managing Director of A.P.E Events, one of Australia’s leading full-service event companies, as well as Founder & Managing Director of Apples & Pears Entertainment, one of Australia’s leading full-service entertainment agencies.

Session Overview

This presentation will demonstrate how technology is enhancing the ever-evolving event industry and the world. As a team of professionals who have a vast and extensive combined experience within international events, the entertainment industry, IP and Blockchain Technology, we look forward to showcasing how we are going to use a foundation of transparency to revolutionise and disrupt the way people conduct day-to-day business within the events industry on a global scale.


The platforms we have developed are patented, P2P, professional tools, designed specifically for professionals within the events industry whilst protecting the rights of talent representatives and the clients they represent. The foundation of all 3 platforms rests on transparency and efficiency, which
currently is non-existent within an unregulated industry and the services we seek to disrupt.

This really is the only way forward.

Three key takeaways from Harris’ presentation

  • How to achieve full transparency when securing talent for your event and how to save on your bottom dollar.
  • Moving towards faster and more efficient services for all industries including events.
  • The difference between blockchain and cryptocurrency and why you should be excited about the former and wary of the latter.

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