Christopher Melotti

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Christopher Melotti

CEO of Melotti Media

1st PRESENTATION TOPIC: How offshoring boosted my business (and how it can do the same for you).



2nd PRESENTATION TOPIC: How to create awesome copy and content for your next business event. 

CONFERENCE TRACK: Sales & Marketing

Christopher Melotti is a Marketing and Copywriting Aficionado who lives by the motto “continually challenge, consistently grow, constantly humbled, confidently show”.

He owns his own Copywriting and Marketing consulting business, Melotti Media, where he works with a wide range of clients from Insurance, to Real Estate, Agency, Events, Web Design, Logistics, Financial and many more. He also runs, is a published author, and won the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the Year award in 2017.

Christopher possess a solid range of Marketing experience including strategy, digital, social media, content writing, creative, promotion and communications, having personally initiated, developed and launched several successful Marketing campaigns across a diverse range of industries, for which he was awarded the 2015 Australian Marketing Institute’s (AMI) Highly Commended Future Leader Award for Marketing excellence.

He holds a Bachelors Degree in Marketing, a Masters Degree in Commercial Business Law, and has commenced an MBA. He has a creative energy and enthusiastic flair, with a strong belief in entrepreneurial spirit and professional respect.

One of his major passions is presenting and teaching people so they can learn off his experience and expertise, which is why people enjoy attending and hold him in such high regard.

1st Session Overview

At what point do you realise you just can’t do everything? When do you appreciate that time is finite? But are you worried about taking on employees?

It’s the oh-so-familiar entrepreneurial story: person starts a business, has a successful few years flying solo while doing everything from accounts to sales and operations. Suddenly, they realise there’s a bottleneck to progress, and it’s them!

It’s a good problem to have, but a problem none-the-less! One that needs to be solved. So, it’s time to get help. Do you look locally, or is overseas an option?

Here’s what you need to know.

Three key takeaways from Christopher’s 1st presentation

  • Know when to expand and how.
  • What to consider when hiring offshore.
  • How to nail your team’s success (where ever they may be).

2nd Session Overview

Events are one of the most powerful and effective way to market a brand, due to the personal relationships you can offer clients.

However, tickets and stands don’t sell themselves!

You need the right content, marketing and copywriting to help support your event throughout the whole process, from pitching and organisation, to websites, social media, communications, promotions and more.

In this engaging and vibrant presentation by marketing guru, Christopher Melotti, you will learn about how to tailor the right content to support your event strategy to get the best results, as well as pick up tips and tricks.

Three key takeaways from Christopher’s 2nd presentation

  • Understand the role content and copywriting plays.
  • Making content work for your event.
  • How to gain the results you deserve.

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