Belinda Eccles

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Belinda Eccles

Co-Founder of Hyper Theory

PRESENTATION TOPIC: Extended Reality (XR) Technology.
Using XR Technology to engage, excite and entertain with Ty Curtis.



Belinda is an experienced Founder and Director working in the experiential marketing field for the past 11 years. Skilled in Marketing Management, Sales, Creative Briefs, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Event Management. Her portfolio includes working on brands such as Diageo, Telstra, Sodastream, Samsung and Brisbane Marketing plus many more.

Session Overview

Live from Shanghai, Ty Curtis will be beamed in through Zoom where Belinda will co-run the session in Brisbane.

Visualisation technology in the form of virtual, augmented and mixed reality provides a new way to see and engage with our world. No longer are we restricted to flat images on a flat screen, the world of 3D creatures and objects in both the real and virtual environments who play, communicate and interact with us will soon be a part of our everyday life.

How do we harness this incredible leap forward in technology to engage, excite and entertain in a meaningful way bringing a sense of magic back to our current reality.

Ty and Belinda will use case studies of integrated marketing campaigns which they have successfully delivered to engage and excite audiences across the country.

Three key takeaways from Belinda and Ty’s presentation

  • Understand what XR visualisation technology is (AR/VR/XR), who is using it and why.
  • Understand the do’s and don’ts around producing XR content.
  • Understand the barriers XR technology faces with industry take up and implementation.

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