Alexandra Nagle

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Alexandra Nagle

Production Coordinator, LDJ Productions

PRESENTATION TOPIC: Future Leaders – “Taking on the City that Never Sleeps”

Direct from NYC – hear from Aussie Event Practitioners working in the highly competitive American event sector


Alex started her events journey at The International College of Management in Sydney. She fell in love with the industry and was constantly looking for her next move. Upon graduating, Alex moved across the world to New York City to peruse a career in fashion events.

After freelancing in the New York events industry for a couple of years, Alex landed a Production Coordinator role for her dream company, LDJ Productions, in the Summer of 2017. Since joining the LDJ team as a freelancer and then full time, she has worked with many corporate, beauty, fashion, tech and automotive clients across the country with various teams. She is fortunate enough to be working with some of the best in the business and is gaining a very well-rounded experience to be able to apply to a Producer role someday.

Session Overview

Coming to you live from NYC, this session will be a Q&A Style format moderated by Ashleigh Cooper, Former Chair, Future Leaders NSW Committee.

Join this session to find out what it takes to make in the Big Apple.

Three key takeaways from Dave, Jennifer & Alexandra’s presentation

  • How easy is it to be allowed to work in America?
  • What are the fundamental differences of staging in events in the USA?
  • What are the latest event trends coming out of the USA?
  • Tips from each of the presenters on how to survive and thrive in NYC.

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